12 Days Northern Kenya Rendille Camel Safari Walk. Profile


This lugged expedition will take you in to the heart of Northern Kenya frontier district, where you will traverse along some Africa’s worst roads, see beautiful mountain forests surrounded by hot dusty deserts. Starting from Samburu Game Reserve, you will see animals on the Ewaso Nyiro river, head north through Marsabit to Laisamis where you branch to Kaisut Desert and then to Ngurunet in the middle of nowhere.

Welcome to the land of the Rendille people still in the cold traditional culture, where we spend days exploring and interacting with them. At night you will see a star-studded sky, join the traditional dances: what a wonderful experience. Head further North past Ndoto and Nyiro Mountains and eventually arrive at the shows of the Jade Sea (Lake Turkana) where you will explore the surrounding area at Loyangalani which is inhabited by various tribes e.g. Turkana, Elmolo, Rendille and Samburu.

Day 1:- Nairobi/Mt Kenya

Departing Nairobi in the morning, you travel to Mt Kenya through the rich agricultural land to arrive in time for lunch. Enjoy a nature walk in the afternoon before returning to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 2:- Mt. Kenya/Samburu

After breakfast, you proceed further north to Kenya’s northern frontier to the wild and rugged, Samburu, fiercely beautiful with its arid savannahs watered by the lovely Uaso Nyiro River. Arrive by lunch time. Later embark on a late afternoon game drive. Dinner and overnight at a lodge.

Day 3:- Samburu

Full day spent exploring the park. The highlights of Samburu game reserve is the spectacular scenic beauty, rivers and forests. It is an area where the local people have a rich and colorful heritage. The reserve have numerous permanent springs and a wealth of wildlife especially the cats (leopard, cheetah, lion); Beisa Oryx, Somali Ostrich, Elephant, Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy’s Zebra, gerenuk, buffalo, grant’s gazelle, waterbuck, baboon, impala, dik-dik, antelope and Crocodile in the Ewaso Nyiro River. Over 365 species of birds have been identified in the sanctuary among them Somali ostrich, go-away birds, secretary bird, lilac-breasted rollers, weavers, sunbirds, hornhills, spurfowl, gineafowl, vultures. Meals and overnight the Lodge.

Day 4:- Samburu/Ngurunet

Depart early in the morning to Laisamis via Isiolo on the Marsabit Highway. From Laisamis we head west through the Kaisut desert to Ngurunet, which is Rendille people territory, with plenty of camels. They are used to drinking blood of camels with milk. Very strong is their tradition and family based life. At Ngurunet, you find the Samburu leaving in a traditional way of life. Here we are welcomed by villagers. Dinner and overnight Camping.

Day 5 / 6:- Ngurunet

Interacting with the local people, walk and ride camels to Malgis River with Rendille Warriors to the upper Forest. Views from the top are excellent on clear days and the forest is beautiful change after the hot arid desert. Wells dug along the river beds by the local Rendille and Samburu and are famously known as the singing wells. You will have an opportunity to visit the local school and hospital, camel milking in the morning and an evening traditional dance with warriors. Dinner and overnight camping.

Day 7:- Ngurunet/Turkana

We leave Ngurunet via South Horr and head to Lake Turkana with picnic lunch enroute, to arrive late in the afternoon. Relax after a hot dusty drive for dinner and overnight at a lodge.

Day 8:- Turkana

Day spent exploring the surrounding area. Visit the Elmolo or the Turkana manyatta and participate in a late evening dance with Turkana dancers on the lake shores as the sun goes down: It is a memorable experience. Meals and overnight at the lodge.

Day 9:- Turkana/South Horr

Depart Lake Turkana after breakfast for South Horr arriving in time for picnic lunch. Spend the day here interacting with the locals and enjoy this unique scenery. Afternoon hike to Mt. Nyiro. Dinner and overnight at a hotel.

Day 10:- South Horr/Maralal

We head south to Maralal town with a picnic lunch enroute. Afternoon and evening spent at Maralal market socializing with the local people. Dinner and overnight a lodge.

Day 11:- Maralal/Baringo

After breakfast, you depart for Lake Baringo, arriving in time for lunch. Afternoon boat ride to see crocodile and hippo. Dinner and overnight a lodge on the lake shore.

Day 12:- Baringo/Nairobi

After breakfast, you drive at leisure via Nakuru town with picnic lunch enroute. Returning to Nairobi by early evening. End of safari.

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