Kenya Golf Safaris Profile


On a good day, after a round of golf with our local club members you seat and enjoy some "Nyama choma" or what is known as barbecue meat over a cold "Tusker Beer" as you discuss what could have been a perfect shot if your ball didn't land in the bunker or if this and that didn't happen as is common after a round of golf. Kenyans have made playing golf fun and when you choose Kenya as your golfing destination, you will enjoy a round of golf with our local players who are always happy to play with visitors. The Barclays Bank sponsored Kenya Open every April has attracted many players and spectators from all over the world and is a great time to travel and experience the golfing mood in our beautiful country.

Coupled with a good educated population of golf players and great weather few destination in Africa and the world can compete with Kenya in golf safaris .

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