Kenya Adventure and Culture Profile


Over centuries the migration of people from North and south has led to Kenya having a very diverse culture . Kenya has 42 tribes each defined by its own unique trait of either language, dressing, cultural practices ( marriage, rites of passage, child brith etc ) .

Though native African culture has been diluted in many societies by the introduction and penetration of the western culture , a few tribes have successfully resisted this change to remain authentic in the practices, dress and relationships . Notably these are the marginalized tribes of Northern Kenya namely:

  • Maasai
  • Turkanas
  • Pokots
  • Maraguets
  • Borans
  • Elmolos
  • Samburus

These tribes still dress in animal skins with elaborate jewelry or beads and metalwork . Their brief systems is still very indigenous and is held with very strong pride . Circumcision and marriage ceremonies are as elaborate as they were 100 years ago and even the penetration and Introduction of Christianity has had little impact amongst these tribes. Unfortunately in the last 10 years changes in life style are starting to take place especially in the school educated population .

Our cultural safaris are designed to give our visitors a glimpse of the bygone African culture and for the visitor to appreciate the indigenous African life .

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