Designer Tours & Travel strives to give the highest standards in customer satisfaction to enhance an enriching experience of what Kenya offers as a destination. As a company we are committed to sustainable tourism practices to protect our environment, people and culture.

What Sustainable tourism Covers

  • Sustain culture [social development]
  • Sustain and improve environment
  • Environment- Natural resource / water/carbon prints
  • Economic benefits / growth for the people living around the tourism attraction In this area we have our efforts focused on the following:
  • Conservation of water in the office by using water from containers instead of a running tap even for flushing toilets
  • Tapping and storage rain water
  • Use of low energy bulbs in the office.
  • 2 tree plating projects. 1st of the project has mature blue gum trees on a 2 acre plot in Meru county and the 2nd project has 400 seedlings planted early this year in an ongoing tree planting exercise in a 10 acre land in Kajiado county 50KM from Nairobi.
  • We have small dam in the 10 acre plot where we harvest water to water our trees .
  • Support of a primary school with solar lanterns and are now working towards helping the school grow its own vegetables by providing them with a borehole for water.
  1. Social Attributes

-We allow our neighbors to water their animals from our dam when the rains fail. we also allow them to graze their animals in the lower part of the land where we  have not yet planted any trees.

- Also the primary school that we are supporting is in the neighborhood.

The local people need to benefit where their culture becomes a commodity. Interference of social stress, overcrowding, crimes etc.

  1. Economic

Tourism has the capability of improving people’s economic situations for the better, and that’s the reason we encourage our visitors to participate in making the communities around us better . For every person who books a safari with us , USD 10 goes towards a social project for our neighbors.

  1. Eco Tourism

The involvement of tourists in environmental conservation. Minimizing impact, cultural awareness, and positive experiences for visitors and hosts, direct financial benefits for conservation, is key in making the societies around us belong and own the social projects

In Designer Tours & Travel we are striving to meet and implement The 3 Es’

  • Environmental
  • Ethical
  • Economic [increased profitability]

We encourage our clients to partner with us in making a difference .


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