The country is a testimony to humankind’s strength, having made an incredible recovery from the 1994 genocide. Rwanda is a country of endless mountains and stunning scenery with the majestic peaks of the Virunga volcanoes, home of the endangered Mountain gorillas.


Among other attractions includes Lake Kivu, the largest of the numerous freshwater lakes that shimmer in the valleys of Rwanda. Here, you may relax, swim or take a boat excursion past the small lakeside villages that offer a rewarding glimpse of rural life. Parc National Nyungwe Forest in the south west Rwanda is the most extensive montane rainforest in the region and home to many primates such as the Chimpanzee and Colobus monkey.

It is also the birdwatchers paradise with more than 650 bird species recorded including large numbers of pelicans, crowned cranes, malachite kingfishers and much more. For botanists, the gorgeous wildflowers of the forests and mountains are complemented by numerous orchid species in Nyungwe Forests.


During the Kwita Izina ceremony, a number of communal activities take place like Uganda which is a communal cleaning time that is done communally by everyone with the aim of strengthening relationships between the different tribes. It was started after the 1984 genocide

The highlight of Kwita Izina is the naming of baby Gorillas by different personalities from all over the globe. The function is celebrated with song and dance and just celebration of the Rwandese heritage and culture. Visitors from all over the world attend the gorilla naming ceremony.

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