Designer Tours & Travel is committed to sustainable tourism practices to protect our environment, people and culture. The following are some CSR initiatives that we have directly been involved in.


The Rose Naliaka Golf Academy was founded in April, 2007 by Kenya’s renowned, pioneer woman golf professional, Ms. Rose Naliaka. This Foundation makes the game of golf accessible to young children from economically challenged backgrounds through education and mentorship. 

Since establishment, the Academy has nurtured over 30 girls from Nairobi’s lower income neighbourhoods, a number of whom have gone on to become rising stars in Kenya’s women golf scene.

Designer Tours & Travel has partnered with The Rose Naliaka Foundation to help in realizing her goals by offering $10 from every client who books a golfing safari with us. The $10 is to be specifically spent towards the education expenses for these girls.

We hope to mobilize locally women golfers to donate old club sets, balls, golfing shoes and apparel.



Located in Kajiado west, Ilmasin Primary School hosts 308 pupils and 11 teachers. Most of these pupils come from disadvantaged backgrounds and live below the poverty line. Some parents are unable to provide all meals for their children and cases of children fainting in class due to hunger are not uncommon especially in the dry season.



In support of Ilmasin Primary School students, we are now working towards helping the school grow its own vegetables by providing them with a borehole for water.


We also donated to the school 2 energy saver jikos. The jikos are sold in collaboration with UNDP and come with 1,000 tree seedlings each.

A long-term aspiration that we have is that the school shall grow to become a boarding school. This will not only ensure the children are well fed but also that they don’t have to walk many kilometers a day giving them more time and energy to focus on their studies. Currently, there is no boarding school within a 70-km. radius.


We strive to form the young minds under our care by educating them and guiding them towards morality so as to ensure they become pillars of society in future.

Past Donations


The solar puffs are designed with sustainable and high performance fabric, specifically engineered for durability, flexibility and water resistance. They are also structured for adaptability and recyclability. The solar lanterns boast 100 lumens and can fully charge in the sun for 8 hours lasting for 8-12 hours of light.

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