• Scheduled safaris: A 35% deposit is payable to DESIGNER TOURS & TRAVEL referred to as “company” well in advance while the balance is due and payable at least 14 DAYS prior to the tour departure failing which the seat may be re-allocated unless otherwise arranged.
  • Private & Tailor-made safaris: Payment for the total price is due well in advance; 50% deposit on booking and the balance not later than 14 days before arrival.

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, the right is reserved not to execute any services if payment has not been received accordingly.


  • Earlier than 30 days before departure will require 15% of deposit to be forfeited.
  • 30 to 4 days before departure will require the full deposit to be forfeited.
  • 3 days before departure and in case of no-show up at all will require 75% of the full price of the safari to be forfeited.

A fee of 50% of the full price will be charged on any booking made with or by DESIGNER TOURS & TRAVEL for which the client does not show up.


  • Our price is based on cost at the time of printing and is subject to change if condition demand such as Government action, currency exchange fluctuations and increase in game park entry fees. However, if full payment has already been received upon booking, there will be no change to the price quoted at that time of booking and we undertake to absorb the increase.


  • The Company applies all reasonable checks to ensure that those involved in the preparation and provision of your safari maintain appropriate standards.
  • In exceptional circumstances outside the control of the Company, its agents or suppliers, such as, but not limited to, circumstances amounting to force majeure such as war, threats of war, political unrest, riots, civil disturbances, legally or illegally organized labor disputes, adverse weather conditions and acts of God, the Company or its agents or suppliers cannot be held responsible for discontinuation of the safari, any limitations or withdrawal of facilities.
  • The use by the Company of transport or accommodation in connection with a client's safari is subject to the conditions of the operators or owners of such transport or accommodation for whom the Company acts as agents.
  • Temporary or permanent loss of, damage to, or delay of client's baggage are the responsibility of the client unless resulting from the proven negligence of the Company.
  • The Company does not accept liability for the alleged acts and/or missions of its employees, agents and suppliers for deficiencies in the standard of services and facilities supplied in connection with any foreign inclusive tour or any safari supplied or organized by the Company unless resulting from the proven negligence by the Company.
  • The Company does not accept responsibility for the death, body injury or illness caused to the signatory to the contract and/or any other named person on the booking form unless resulting from the proven negligence of the Company.
  • The Company, where appropriate and with reasonable discretion, shall afford initial general assistance to clients who, through misadventure, suffer illness,
  • personal injury or death during the period of their safari.
  • The client is responsible being in time for safari departures .Accordingly; the Company cannot accept responsibility for clients missing a safari as a result of late arrivals.
  • The client acknowledges and accepts that the nature of our safari is expeditious and adventurous and that such tours involve a certain amount of risk for which the Company and its staff or agents carry no liability.
  • It is mandatory that each client obtains adequate personal travel insurance to cover such personal risks as illness, personal injury or death, loss of baggage and compensation or refund for discontinuation of safari due to circumstances beyond the control of the Company, though not limited to force majeure circumstances only, during the period of their safari otherwise the Company does not accept liability. The flying doctors insurance for the duration of safari is provided for in the safari price to cater for rapid evacuation by air to clients in case of emergency or illness.
  • The Company reserves the right to cancel a safari or subcontract it to another operator for similar services if the minimum number of clients required is not achieved or by reason of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond its control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised. Nevertheless notice of such cancellation will be given whenever possible and an alternative safari offered if practicable though the client is entitled to a refund of his money under the contract if he is not interested and prefers a refund. The difference, if any, between the price of the alternative safari and the initial one will also be refunded.
  • If a client chooses not to complete his safari for any reason, or a safari is discontinued for reasons as in (b) above, there will be no refund.